Phoenix has been lucky enough to work within London and the UK’s most popular venues. We can provide sales-trained staff who are the masters of upselling products to customers. Hospitality is an industry that we’re passionate about, and that Team Phoenix thrives on.


We supply waiting staff to hundreds of venues across the UK every week, and if you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ll understand why. Your lovely hostess can’t work one week because she’s going on holiday – fret not, we can find you a just as lovely replacement hostess without hassling you or causing any unexpected bumps in the road.  All our staff come with tons of experience and will fit in to the team seamlessly. We offer full event staffing solutions, including front and back of house. Let’s be honest – corporate parties just wouldn’t be the same without a welcoming face handing out delicious canapés and topping up the fizz. We’ll provide you with a team of hard-working and professional staff who are well-trained and raring to compliment your team.


We know how important your exhibition is – it’s your moment to shine. Our exhibition and reception staff are here to lend a helping hand. They can create more traffic and generate leads by walking around the exhibition handing out samples and / or leaflets, so you can spend more time schmoozing and making those leads come to life.


Requests for bar tenders is on the up and growing all the time. Turns out people really like booze. We are incredibly proud to announce that we once supplied 80 bar tenders over three days for Penn Fest with just 24 hours notice. If it’s bar tenders you need, look no further – we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry if you’re looking for something a little more complicated than pints of beer and glasses of wine – we have some of the top tier mixologists ready to shake it, not stir it for you. Our staff come with valuable industry experience. We also ensure high service speed with a view to maximising your revenue.


Shots – the perfect way to loosen up any party and increase sales at your venue. Our shot girls are pros at engaging and interacting with your customers and will push sales on busy nights. If you are interested in this service, get in touch to discuss with our Shots Manager to find out how to increase your sales with style and panache.


If you’re looking for someone you can trust to handle money, we can sort that out. Whether it’s the door of the venue, a food outlet or a pop-up shop – we have brilliant staff who have the skills to help your operation run as smooth as possible, and to ensure you don’t need to do any of the counting. Our cashiers will always conduct themselves in a professional and trustworthy manner and will aim to ensure your revenue is maximised.


Parties can be a health and safety nightmare by their very nature. It’s for this reason that having the right security team on hand is imperative. Phoenix has supplied a lot of security staff to clubs, venues and big events across the UK and each member of staff is fully trained, equipped, and ready to join your team. Their priority is to make sure that everybody has good old-fashioned fun in a safe and sound fashion, and to take the weight off your mind.