What we do


Want to reach your target audience but don’t know how? We can help with increasing your brand awareness – at a train station, shopping centre, or a similar event or venue to yours. We will always focus on the areas that your client / consumer demographic is likely to be to create valuable awareness and collect essential data, making it easier for clients to make smart business decisions.


It can be easy to get caught up in your own head when it comes to activating your brand – there are so many creative ideas swimming around in there that it can be difficult to gain perspective. We are experts in this field and can help with that process, whether that be through advice or putting together a strategy to position staff in the areas or cities that will get you the highest amount of exposure. We do so much more than staffing – we can create your very own bespoke marketing campaign. We’ve worked with companies to launch apps, increase business opportunities and build brand awareness across London. Check out our case studies section for more information.


Got leaflets, menus, or special offers that you want to get out to as many commuters as humanly possible? We can distribute those for you daily, positioning our staff in areas of high footfall at peak times of the day. No problem. Our leaflet distribution services create business leads that will increase sales for our clients.


Here at Phoenix, we understand fully that business is about adding value and as a result, building relationships has been a focal point for our brand. We work with various clients in a plethora of sales industries. Our sales staff will generate leads for your business that can be later be transformed into sales. In the past, we have worked with several start-ups, venues, clubs, and large-scale events to help create improved revenue streams. Staff who know how to sell well is our forte.


Sometimes handing someone a flyer isn’t enough. Sometimes it goes straight in the bin. One way to combat this is to send our sales-trained staff into local businesses in the area to communicate with employees about the events that you have coming up. There is nothing more engaging than somebody who is passionate about something telling you about it, and all our staff are passionate about the work that we do. These bespoke campaigns will help make an engaging and lasting impression, as well as improving local business relationships. Rest assured that we will represent your brand and ignite business opportunities and sales.


Requests for bar tenders is on the up and growing all the time. Turns out people really like booze. We are incredibly proud to announce that we once supplied 80 bar tenders over three days for Penn Fest with just 24 hours’ notice. If it’s bar tenders you need, look no further – we’ve got you covered with experienced bar tenders who are ready to join your team at the drop of a hat. Our staff are well-trained and come with valuable industry experience. We also ensure high service speed with a view to maximising your revenue.


Team Phoenix has truly excellent experience in the events industry. We work with some of London’s top five-star venues to provide the crème de la crème of event staff – including waiting staff for private and corporate events. You can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll provide you with a team of hard-working, charming and professional five-star staff that are fully-trained and ready to compliment your event team.