Phoenix Guarantee

Phoenix has been excelling in the hospitality industry with a strong and dedicated team – offering 38 years of combined experience with a shared passion for events and staffing solutions. It is our sole mission to make sure that your unique event is staffed with unique staff and aim for all involved to leave feeling confident and with a smile on their face. We pride ourselves on being efficient and reliable with our bespoke but cost-effective service.

Your brand is just as important to us as it is you and we are here to add value to it. We hope to be the pillars of your event. The drum to your bass. The ketchup on your chips. The wind beneath your wings. We are already established in the industry, but our sole mission is to maintain this reputation by creating excellent relationships that are built to last.

To be the most admired provider of unique, flexible, long-lasting staffing solutions in the UK


Phoenix Staffing is a UK-based company, on a mission to change the lives of those who are searching for around-the-clock Staffing solutions, from reliable, trusted providers. As well as create lifestyle-led employment opportunities for vision-led individuals, as they pursue their wildest dreams.




Phoenix is a choice: your choice. We provide a solid platform so that you can enjoy freedom and flexibility with no worries. We promise to respond professionally and punctually to all our clients with a view to building a respectful partnership in which our clients’ needs are met, our staff feel enthused to contribute, and both feel empowered.


To enable a culture of growth and empowerment, delivering an increase in productivity, noticeable growth in business and opportunities and drive of sales with trackable results. That’s our Phoenix Guarantee.


Trackable results – Return on investment – Experience – Quality and reliability – Reliable account management – Enthusiastic on-brand staff – Dedicated and ongoing training days