Were you approached by one of our A21 brand ambassadors and given a business card on a night out? What we are doing at Phoenix Staffing is using our up-selling drink waiting service as a platform to raise awareness for human trafficking and actually raise money. 

On this page you can read more about the cause, get o know the facts and understand why we are so passionate about this great non profit organisation.  

There are two different ways to donate, on the night out when you see our up-selling drink waiters or you can click Donate Now where you will be taken to our just giving page. 


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It’s the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor. Through force, fraud, and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will–right now in the 21st century.

But phrases like ‘slavery’ and ‘human trafficking’ can still feel ambiguous. This is the reality: slavery is violence. It’s physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. It’s forced prostitution. It’s barbaric working conditions.

Slavery is more stoppable than ever, and that’s why we’re here, rallying around the world and doing the work together.