On November 3rd, we hosted a Yoga Class with Annie in support for A21. Annie was very inspired to do something more after learning about A21 in one of our parties. We at Phoenix work together to create a culture where staff feel empowered to add real value to our clients and this is something we are very passionate and want to extend to wider projects outside the organisation.

When asked what she thought about our partnership, Annie simply smiled and said,  “I think A21 is an amazing charity that is seeking to help people who are enslaved, it really opened my eyes that this problem still exists in the UK.”

And that is the problem, a lot of people do not know this still exists all around the world. We associate slavery with the past, but that is not the case. Human trafficking is an ongoing issue, and women, men and children can be trafficked for various reasons. Whether that is sex trafficking, forced labour or involuntary domestic servitude.

This year has been quite eventful for Annie. Seeing the world, meeting so many people with different paths and purposes in their lives and expanding her own views and knowledge of life. With an increasing interest in yoga, she decided its finally time to get her qualifications and be a certified yogi.

“ I feel like I have so many endless possibilities in my life and the people enslaved do not and I want to be able to make a change for some of their lives ”

She was intrigued how she can help, how to spread the word, support and do anything she could to raise awareness for A21. And it did not take long for her to put two things together. “Teaching a yoga class just seemed like a brilliant fundraiser, as it’s something I’m so passionate about and it can bring happiness to those in the room whilst also raising money”


And thanks to Annie and the beautiful attendees we managed to raise an additional £135 that day.