June 10, 2019
    Brits with strong convictions regarding the sacrosanctity of British migrant policy commented fiercely during the recent furore in UK press pertaining to Shamima Begum, the jihadi bride who expressed purportedly sincere regret for her decision to travel... Read more

Meet Mikey, the guy behind A21 UK

April 23, 2019
Having grown up outside London, Mikey originally started his career in the preforming arts industry, landing himself dancing parts on the world tour of Thriller Live, X Factor, Little Mix, amongst many others, but with no clear direction of where he wanted to end up.... Read more

Phoenix Staffing Partnership with Drink Aware

May 23, 2018
Partnerships enable us to uphold our mission to uplift and empower all who work with us. At Phoenix Staffing, we are committed to making sure that our operations completely align with this. Our partnership with Drinkaware enables us to train up a team of staffers who... Read more